Virtual Design and Construction VDC - BIM

The methodology of Virtual Design and Construction or VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), developed by the CIFE at Stanford University in California, USA; It has been imposed in the last years as the best way to get better projects at a less time and cost (4D and 5D) and higher quality than expected. There are also 6D and 7D models as well.

The many advantages of having all specialties modeled fully  before it had begun construction, BIM (Building Information Modeling), is unprecedented. In addition, the comparative cost of obtaining this result versus what it costs to implement it is completely marginal, almost nonexistent compared to the amounts of investment of a project and the benefits obtained through their proper use.

The virtual tool, promotes collaboration platform that seeks continuous improvement project with contributions including the same end users, they without being specialists can with the help of model make great contributions to the final product. On the technical side, the big data generation, also allows an invaluable contribution to the evaluation of design alternatives and appropriate adjustments to projections of deviations from the established goals. Its usefulness extends to the operations phase, for example Facility Management activities and other specific.

VDC Program

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VDC Graduates

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You can see in August 2016 Graduates: Justo Cabrera,Macrodin.